Easy is a browser plug-in that makes researching a brand’s environmental and social impact easier on you. Easier on the planet.

This concept served as my semester-long degree project that aimed to answer: How might we encourage Gen Z members concerned about the environment to make sustainable fashion choices when purchasing clothes?

Research Methodology

After conducting secondary research, my primary research was organized into the following infographic:

The 9-question survey, series of letters, and round of interviews led to 9 key findings. I determined the following 3 most important findings to be addressed by Easy:


19-24 year-olds want to shop from more sustainable first-hand retailers but state price as the primary barrier.

Second-hand fashion is a form of sustainable fashion and can often be less expensive than first-hand garments. Easy encourages users to consider alternative, even more economical garments.

Young adults in Gen Z will prioritize convenience over sustainability.

People value the variety and time-saving aspects that come with online shopping, not always present in brick and mortar experiences. Easy automatically bears the work of searching through second-hand retail sites for visually similar pieces.

People aged 19–21 who primarily purchased first-hand clothes within the past year were likely to never or sometimes research a brand’s environmental impact before buying.

There appears to be a correlation between doing more research and being more concious of purchases. Easy condenses research to help users understand how their first-hand purchase impacts the environment and people.

Easy’s Features

The environment rating examines factors like a brand’s material management and disposal, indirect and direct green house emissions, and water usage and disposal.

The people rating examines if and how a brand ensures worker rights and living wages across the supply chain.

Is that brand too harsh on the environment? Easy will browse online retailers to find similar pieces that rate better for the planet.