Immigrants Make America Great

After the killing of George Floyd, I became more dedicated to learning about the injustices facing the Black community in the United States. I became engulfed in “Movement Guides” spread across social media and these carousels (finally) allowed me to realize the power of design for good. Momentum didn’t only pick up for Black Lives Matter, it also picked up for how that movement was entangled with environmental justice, poverty, healthcare, etc.

My feed had turned into a space where social issues came to light and one of the issues I kept seeing surrounded immigration rights. It felt like so many things were happening in regards to immigration in June and July so I wanted a way to express all these beliefs I was holding. I needed to figure out how to make these issues accessible and engaging.

This resulted in stickers that lifted and defended immigrants in the United States. Profits from these stickers were donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.