Tenoch Typeface

Tenoch is a majuscule typeface inspired by Mixtec codices. Made of deerskin, these documents were made in modern-day Mexico and pictorally logged regional history, genealogy, marriages, and political and military feats before the arrival of Spanish colonists. There are only a handful of these manuscripts left in existence.

Characteristics of Mixtec codices include people depicted in their side profiles and locations illustrated by bell-shaped hills. For Tenoch, I translated the flat and blocky shapes alongside the rounded corners found in the manuscript's illustrations to each letter.

At the corner of every person, their name is acknowledged by a series of circles with an object attached. For instance, in the top left corner, this person would be referred to as 7-Reed while the person in red would be referred to as 10-Skull. This numeric notation is implemented in Tenoch's system.

Tenoch is named after Tenochtitlan, the name of the city founded by the Aztecs, now modern-day Mexico City. There are three animal glyphs, pulled from the manuscripts. The eagle carries great significance as it was the guiding vision that helped the Aztecs found their city—a vision that endures today in the center of Mexico's flag.

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