salma alonso is currently pursuing a bfa in graphic design alongside minors in art history and marketing at the university of arkansas. she is always curious to know how she can make her work more accessible, more sustainable, and more engaging.


university of arkansas

︎ Expected May 2021

︎︎︎ BFA in Graphic Design
︎︎︎ Minor in Marketing, Art History
︎︎︎ GPA: 3.90



︎ AIGA UARK Student Group
︎ May 2020—present

Adapting student group meetings to digital landscape alongside officers. Heading Outreach Committee to promote design as a viable and rewarding career to high school students.

communications director

︎ AIGA UARK Student Group
︎ September 2019—May 2020

Coordinated 6 events with fellow officers to relay and organize tasks to Communications Committee. Brainstormed social media and print campaigns to promote bi-weekly design events.

orientation mentor

︎ UARK Office of Admissions
︎ June 2018, June 2019

Provided paraprofessional service to over 5,000 incoming students and guests. Fostered social interactions among students in small and large group settings.


communications intern

︎ UARK School of Art
︎ November 2019—present

Working in-person for 5 months then switching to remote work for the past 8 months, I've curated student and faculty work to feature on social media. Additionally, I'm involved in formatting media within brand parameters, including web and print media.  

design intern

︎ Art Feeds
︎ January 2019—May 2019

Designed annual Raise Your 38 fundraising campaign alongside COO and digitized children's drawings for 2 murals. Contributed to monthly newsletters and formatted social media content. Invited back for contract work during Spring and Summer 2020.


︎ Victoria’s Secret PINK on Campus
︎ August 2018—December 2019

Aided in planning and managing activities at monthly events. Created social media content promoting giveaways and events.