conducting research

︎︎︎ 20 october 2020

These past two weeks were dedicated to conducting research for our project. We decided to execute 4 research methods: Surveys, Diary Studies, Personas, and Behavioral Mappings.


We received 30 responses and the average respondent was an upperclassman female living off-campus.

When asked, "How often do you use the NWA trail system per week?" 47% responded with "Sometimes" and 40% responded with "Never." When asked, "How often do you use VeoRide or Spin per week?" 47% responded with "Never" and 27% responded with "Rarely."

People were then asked to rank 10 aspects of personal vehicles (Accessibility, Control, Cost, Freedom, Privacy, Reliability, Safety, Shelter, Speed, and Storage) with 1=Most Important and 10=Least Important.

This survey found that eople valued Accessibility and Freedom as Most Important and Speed as Least Important.

Diary Studies

A notebook was given to 2 college students to document their travel habits. They were asked to write down where they went, how far they traveled, and how they traveled.

One person lives close to campus and walks to their on-campus job and sorority house. Another person lives close to campus but drives to their on-campus job. Both people drive out to get food and coffee from around town.


We created two personas: Flirty Franny, 21 and Anxious Anne, 18. Franny is a sociable college senior living off-campus while Anne is a reserved college freshman living on-campus.

Their persons stemmed from interviews and survey responses to capture the range of transportation options typically experience during college.

Behavioral Maps

We observed buses coming to and from Union Station on a weekday morning. In the span of 40 minues, 6 Green Buses, 3 Pink, 3 Purple, 3 Red, 3 Blue, 2 Yellow, 1 Brown, 1 Tan, and 1 Gray bus passed through Union Station.

The Green bus has one of the shorter routes and it’s stops are primarily on the edges of campus. The Red bus has the most extensive route.